Week Two Report – Making Gains

September 22, 2016

Week two featured two Interconference Events, the 3 division Hatch Brown at MIT and the Stu Nelson Women’s event at Conn College. The Hatch has been a rough event for the Rams every year and this year was no exception. Rachel and Hannah were in A with an assist from Fraser Mackechnie for a breezy set. They had many good races, but some diggers, too finishing 8th in A. Dakota and Kate, with 2 sets with Captain Matt Gibbs ’17, were also 8th in B, but sailed better than their result. This young team is maturing rapidly with every new experience. Peter Girard ’18 and Ryan Geib ’19 really struggled in C on Saturday and yielded to Pat Penwell ’17 and Sarah Morin ’17 on Sunday, who faired a bit better. They combined 16th in C and the team ended 13th overall in the 19 team field, but the A and B results were much better than last year. Rachel, Hannah, Dakota and Kate will be off to the St. Mary’s Interconference in week three.

The Toni Deutsch squad from week one went to the Stu Nelson at Conn. Sarah and Marisa were 3rd in A again with Delaney and Emma improving to 10th in the 18 team field. Lots of growth!

The Rams were also at a challenging invite at BC sailed in FJs and Z420s. Brendan Read with Lauren Richards ’19 in A and Patrick Penwell and Sarah Morin in B on Saturday found themselves a bit above mid fleet at the end of the day. Peter Girard/Ryan Geib and Patrick Penwell/Sarah Morin swapped events for Sunday and both liked the change. Ian Nannig ’19 replaced Lauren on Sunday when Brendan’s division switched to FJs and they took off. The Rams improved from 8th on Saturday to finish 3rd overall. Nice work!

And finally, the Rams were at the 1-day Donaghy Bowl at UConn on Sunday, sailed at the mouth of the Thames in New London. Sam Rush ’19 and Ellis Havelock ’18 dominated A division and Garrett Connelly ’19 and Cece Schneider ’20 also won B. It was an impressive win over Tufts in the 7 team field.

Week Three will be big for the coed squad with two interconference events: the St. Mary’s Fall Interconference and the Hood Trophy at Tufts plus the new women’s Amanda Trophy at Roger Williams, the Loder at MIT, a qualifier for the Hurst, another invite at BC, and the Salt Pond Invite at home. Wow! 6 events! Lots of opportunity for Ram sailors.

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