Week 3 – St. Mary’s Interconference and Vietor

April 7, 2015

The Lady Rams were looking forward to the St. Mary’s road trip. They had been very successful in 2014 with a 3rd place finish anchored by Rachel Bryer’s 23 point A Division win with crews Fiona Christie and Anna Leitner. The mid 40 degree temps seemed tropical, but the Lady Rams weren’t hot enough and settled for a 10th. Rachel was adjusting to new crew, Hannah Scanlon and B division continued to be a struggle as both teams, Mackenzie Needham – Nellie Hamilton and Sarah Hermus – Sarah Leonard took a few lumps. We needed some quality practice and we knew it.

Back in New England the co-ed Rams were at the Vietor at Coast Guard. The ranking system had held us out of the team racing events this weekend, but we capitalized on the opportunity at the Vietor and captured the win. Matt Coughlin and Matt Sola were 4th in A with Sam Cushing and Jack Hurly grabbing the win in B. Nice work!

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