Early Events Cancelled. What Spring Break?

April 7, 2015

The winter of 2014-2015 refused to yield as February morphed into March. Salt Pond was frozen solid and there was so much snow it was almost impossible to get boats into the boathouse for winter maintenance. Every venue was impacted causing cancellation of the first two weeks of the team racing season. The Rams had all of their events before Spring Break cancelled.

Spring Break didn’t have much Spring this year. The Rams decided to stay in Rhode Island for Spring Break since the New Englands and Nationals were scheduled for Newport, it seemed like it would be worth it to tough it out. Brown and Salve Regina invited us to train at their places so it all sounded pretty good. Then the blizzards started to add up and all of the venues were buried. Salve was totally disabled, but Brown was up and running, but there was a catch. Their new fleet of Z420s were at Laser Performance for some detailing over the winter, but they weren’t able to return them on schedule because Brown’s docks were buried in ice. With only their 6 FJs available, our first days of break training were pretty limited. The 420s finally arrived for one good practice amid brutal winter conditions.

We had decided to stay at home to avoid losing time to travel days, but ended up with only 3 partial days of training. We were a bit frustrated, but eager to capitalize on the second weekend of break with two good events on the card, the St. Mary’s Women’s Interconference and the Vietor Trophy, both fleet racing events.

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