The URI sailing team enjoys large scale involvement in the management of the team. Dozens of sailors decide to take on leadership roles. These roles are excellent experience for students preparing for the professional world. Elections for captain are held every spring at which point captains will appoint the leadership positions. Current team members, take a look at the position descriptions and think about what positions appeal to you!



Current Position Holders:


● Help encourage and maintain communication and acts as a liaison between Coach, sailors and
● Organizes team bonding experiences and works to instill a family like quality in the team culture.
Acts as general resource for all sailors for both questions and concerns.
● Acts as a model of good character, hard work, and perseverance.
● Delivers motivational messages and keeps team spirits high.
● Delegates team positions in March. Hold monthly team leader meetings.
● Attend URI SATC meetings and communicate important information to the team.

Meghan Haviland and Ryan Palardy

CSIC Representatives: 

● Represent the interests of the sailing team to CSIC, one representative will vote on behalf of the team.
● Act as a liaison between Club Sports, and team (members, coach, alumni, etc.). Give updates on financial changes of the team at team meetings.
● Create, present, and defend annual operating budget in Club Sports Budget Hearings.
● Monitor Income & Expense in team’s operating accounts.
● Participate in coaching staff review process with captains.
● Lead dues collection effort.
● Attend URI SAC meetings prepared with budget updates and take minutes.
● Member of the SAC fundraising committee (foundation contact: Mat Delaire)

Eliza Taylor


● Work with coaches on organizing spring break travel, food, and housing.
● May organize other team recreational travel or events (ski trips, etc.)
● Helps with boat-house projects (i.e getting frames for plaques etc.)
● Plan/execute formal
● Organize community outreach events (beach clean up, etc.)

Henry Lee

Website Administrator:

● Assist in managing the team’s website by working with Coach to update information, keep the site working properly, links functioning, updated content etc.
● Responsible for sending relevant updates to the Club Sports webpage to keep it current and consistent with information.
● Updates and expands roster information. This includes taking headshots of incoming sailors for the website.
● Communicate with website head (Tom Hall) at the beginning of the academic year to learn functions.

Miles Williams

Social Media Chair:

● Each of these two individuals would be responsible for either updating Facebook or Instagram.
● A minimum of two weekly posts would be expected to report on team results along with new information from the team (i.e a new fleet of boats). These posts should be somewhat creative and incorporate team pictures, video, and work in an effort to help our alumni and other interested parties get to know us as a team.
● Teammates competing at various events will send relevant content to media chairs to then proofread and post.
● Maintain team’s LinkedIn presence for networking with alum and supporters. This will assist in the long run in team members connecting with alumni and supporters in career development.
● Provide updates to URI SAC as needed
● Meet with Director of Club Sports (Joe Wilbur) at the beginning of each semester to discuss upcoming events and new ideas.

Katie Coughlin

Alumni Relations Coordinators:

● Lead the charge to organize, advertise and run the alumni regatta.
● All three coordinators would be responsible for coordinating the team’s efforts in connecting with alumni throughout generations in various contexts via e-mail, phone and in person.
● Cooperation with our Alumni Association to help maintain master contact database. Attention can be giving to maintaining sub lists of major benefactors, corporate partners and potential prospects in both categories
● Responsible for sending thank you letters and for following up with donors. (Ordering and maintaining stock team stationary)
● Lead phone-a-thon efforts & communicate with foundation accordingly

Beth Albone and Clare Laroche

Team Gear Coordinators:

● Organize the purchasing of gear in large team orders. (First order before September 25th, Second
order before February 25th)                                            ● Advise new team members on appropriate gear for the season and aid in smaller orders for
discounted gear.
● Advertise deals and discounts available to the team.
● Help promote the ordering of Helly Hansen gear with the idea that when purchased through the
team site, a portion of the proceeds go back to the sailing team.

Oskar Schnippering and AJ Kozaritz

Freshman Leaders:

● Assists the freshman class in acclimating to life on the team and at URI by becoming a point of contact for all incoming sailors.
● Teaches mini-lessons via e-mail or after team meetings on how to acquire lunch, organize rides to practice and other applicable topics.
● Helps introduce freshman socially and aids in getting all freshman established on the Facebook page and in other forms of communication.
● Responsible for organizing visits of potential recruits when applicable.
● Assist freshman in class registration
● Maintain google doc – freshman mentors, majors, clubs, class recs & internships/jobs
● Preferably a sophomore

Miles Williams

Maintenance Experts:

● Works with Coach to establish clear goals for off season boat-maintenance as well as performing these tasks with the coaches.
● Helps other sailors with small repairs during the season. May offer to teach the full team simple repairs or easy solutions to keep boats in tip top shape.
● Comes up with preventative protocols for keeping boats working properly in season.
● Is able to be present at most boat-work sessions and feels confident in delegating clear task and instruction.
● Ideally has previous experience with major boat repairs with gelcoat and fiberglass.

Bo Eaves, Josh Bartosuk, and Anthony Purcell

Fitness Facilitator:

● Organizes team workouts in and out of season.
● Works with Club Sports Trainer to get the most out of winter fitness sessions.
● Assists in running fitness tests and test makeups.
● Takes attendance at workouts
● Plans workouts for Spring Break trip & implement accordingly

Zach Champney

Newsletter Coordinator:

● Compose newsletters (1-3 per semester)
● Meet with Coach 1-2 weeks prior to launch and get information from Coach to include in letter

Parker Colantuono

Equity & Inclusion Representatives:

● Look at our existing policies, identify opportunities to increase diversity and ensure inclusiveness across our team
● Work with NEISA TIDE, a Sailors for Equity & Inclusion Committee, to promote the sport in an inclusive way to further diversify the conference
● Present programs created by NEISA TIDE to our team
● Present programs created by NEISA TIDE to our team

Tyler Miller

Big Boat Coordinator:

● Manage schedule of big boat regattas for Fall and Spring semester
● Helps plan travel and housing for events
● Communicating with alumni and friends of the team to access boats for regattas, and with regatta coordinators (storm trysail, Naval Academy, College of Charleston)
● Relieve pressure of organizing from coaches

Aidan Naughton

Academic Correspondent: 

●  Pair students with upperclassmen in a similar major to help them with their coursework.
Set up study hours for the team/ specific members when needed or requested. 
Accommodate team members with any academic questions or concerns throughout the year, including scheduling and available URI resources.

         Arty Ortega

















































































































































































Current team members, please read the team descriptions and think about which leadership roles app