The University of Rhode Island Sailing Pavilion is located on Point Judith Pond in Wakefield, RI. It is a short 15-minute drive from the University’s main Kingston campus. In the early 1950s, members of the Rhode Island State College Boat Club constructed the first sailing facility on property leased from the Town of South Kingstown at Marina Park.

By the mid-80s it was evident that the “Shack” could no longer support an extensive racing program and a thriving recreational/instructional program. It was decided that a new, modern facility was needed. Demolition of the original building took place in December of 1991 and by May 1992 the new facility was completed.

September of 1992 saw the dedication of the Robert P. Arrigan Memorial Sailing Pavilion. The facility boasts of the Harry Anderson Room, which is a large meeting/classroom area. In addition there are two offices for the Sailing Coordinator and the Sailing Coach. A third room has been transformed into a sail loft. There are two showers and heads to round out the upstairs space. In the basement is a complete shop with a full complement of tools to handle almost any kind of repair. There is storage for sails and equipment as well. The pavilion is finished off with a covered, outdoor deck, named for Building Committee Chair Ed Rumowicz, that overlooks the docks and Salt Pond. Potter’s Landing, named after longtime supporter and former Sailing Team member Ralph Potter, is the docking system where the fleets of FJs, Tech Dinghies and powerboats are stored. The facility is constantly updated and features some additions including a new team computer that allows coach and sailors to analyze digital video, a digital projector which allows for giant video debriefs as well as descriptions and breakdowns of specific venues through aerial pictures and nautical charts. These are just some of the many tools that this facility houses to best prepare the team for their many events.