18 Flying Juniors

Length 13' 3"
Sail Area: 100 square feet
Beam: 4' 11"

FJs are the most widely sailed boat in College Sailing. They are narrow, weight sensitive and very tactical, perfect for sailing on Salt Pond. Our boats were specifically built lighter than the standard Collegiate FJ, therefore they are more lively and fun to sail. The hulls and sails are also color coded for Team Racing.

2 J-24s

Length: 24' 0"
Beam: 8' 10"
Sail Area: 261 square feet

The J24 is one of the most popular small keel boats in the world. Our J24s serve the team for sloop practices and the instructional program for lessons. It is also often utilized as a committee boat while hosting major regattas.

12 Tech Dinghies

Length: 12' 0"
Beam: 4' 8"
Cat Rigged
Sail Area: 72 square feet
The Tech Dinghy is a two person cat rigged boat used primarily by the instructional and recreational program. Techs are sometimes used in team practice sessions when preparing to sail Techs or Interclubs on the Charles River. They are a stable platform for the beginning sailor yet tactically challenging when raced.

5 Coach Boats

3 - 17' Boston Whalers
1 - 15' Boston Whaler
1 - 13' Boston Whaler