18 Flying Juniors

Length: 13' 3"
Sail Area: 100 square feet
Beam: 4' 11"

FJs are the most widely sailed boat in College Sailing. They are narrow, weight sensitive and very tactical, perfect for sailing on Salt Pond. Our boats were specifically built lighter than the standard Collegiate FJ, therefore they are more lively and fun to sail. The hulls and sails are also color coded for team racing.

8 Turbo 420s

Length: 13'9"
Sail Area: 108 square feet
Beam: 5'4"

420s are the second most popular boat for intercollegiate competition. Oftentimes, sailors will switch between FJs and 420s within the same regatta. Our boats are fun to sail, and perfect for training both incoming sailors adjusting to FJs and our most experienced teams, preparing for high-level regattas.

10 RS Quests

Length: 14'1"
Sail Area: 118 square feet
Beam: 6'

Simple, stable and durable, the RS Quest is a great dinghy for the learning, recreational and competing sailor. Our boats are self bailing, can be sailed by two to four adults and feature an asymmetrical spinnaker.

5 Coach Boats

4 - 17' Boston Whalers
2 - 15' Boston Whaler
1- 13" Boston Whaler